What is an SFTP Poller?

The SFTP Poller is an automated system that manages the movement of files using SFTP (or FTP, FTPS). Typically it allows a user to drop a file into a directory on their network, the file is then automatically moved to a remote file server so that it is accessible to another user. Without either user needing to take any special action.


It can operate within your local network or WAN transferring files between remote parts of the company. It will provide world wide forwarding or retrieval of files to and from multiple Internet SFTP sites.

It can handle files up to many gigabytes in size, it will manage transfers of thousands of files per day. Transfers may be from your network to other companies SFTP Servers, from other companies remote SFTP Servers back into your network, or even form one remote network to another! The SFTP Poller is designed, implemented and supported by Layer3 Systems.




Ensuring that your staff keep login details to many remote sites secure is quite difficult and expensive. Dealing with temporary staff or leavers can cause undue work for the IT department in changing and managing logins and accounts. The SFTP Poller puts control of access to systems in a single place, with a standard way of storing sensitive information. Your staff no longer need to remember logins and passwords. Security is further enhanced as your staff no longer need access directly to SFTP tools. Access to transfers is managed through a single system that provides auditing and logging of all activity. Your network security is enhanced as you no longer need to give staff access to systems that are directly connected to the Internet.  This reduces costs in your IT department.


The SFTP Poller is designed to be extensible. We can customise operation so that before and after file transfer is carried out some processing activity can be initiated. This may simply update a database, or start another process somewhere on a system in your network.

This gives the benefit that we can integrate the SFTP Poller into your workflow so that it becomes an active part of your overall system, helping to simplify operation and provide well rounded function.



Once setup to transfer files, the system will run continuously 24 hours per day seven days per week, without the need for holidays and won't misplace or forget passwords or other configuration details.

This takes a large burden off your staff and provides centralised management of the movement of files. In effect your staff just pick up work from their existing file areas and similarly can drop off files that are ready for delivery.

The SFTP Poller can be integrated with your workflow to manage the movement of files in and out of your organisation. This saves money by freeing your staff from mundane and fault prone tasks, increases their efficiency, and allows them to concentrate on work rather than moving files.



One of the benefits of the way that the SFTP Poller works is that the device can be supported as a fully managed service. Layer3 Systems Limited provides a complete one stop solution in design, integration and on going support that reduces the workload on your company minimises total cost of ownership. Our support service uses a state of the art multi data centre support system, allowing us to remotely and securely manage an SFTP Poller.

We provide continuous 24 hour support and monitoring for your SFTP Poller, often detecting problems on third party networks and resolving issues long before many IT departments are able to focus on a problem. Very often the biggest challenge in handling user driven SFTP is that any fault will always appear to be the local system or network. Users are not always able to determine if a fault is related to the Internet or a remote system and so invariably are forced to ask the IT department for help. The SFTP Poller and our managed service take these problems away from your IT department, this saves your company time and money.



The SFTP Poller reliably moves files, generating an email audit trail and detailed transfer logs. The system is designed to run continuously, checking regularly to see if there are any files to transfer. The system does not take breaks or go on holiday, so it can be relied upon to be there working all the time.

It is implemented as a separate system, so it is not prone to upgrades from other software causing problems, it is inaccessible to the average user, so cannot get reconfigured accidentally.

The SFTP Poller is designed and implemented in house by our own experienced engineers that understand networks and file transfer. It is "Transactional" in that it guarantees that a file will arrive intact or an error message will explain any fault . A great deal of the power of the software is that it can cope with the many complex faults that transferring files can throw up, providing clear diagnostics that save time and money in resolving problems.

Our support and managed services allows us to monitor for problems and rapidly resolve them before they become a major concern. 

The system can be clustered so that there are multiple SFTP Pollers running, if one system fails then the other system picks up seamlessly. This removes extended down time and allows repairs to take place reducing costly disruption.


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